Our video collection contains members sharing their expertise on Dispro Maintenance.

2013 DOA Workshop Videos
The following three videos were filmed at our 2013 Workshop.  The first features Paul Dodington (AKA The Dippy Doctor), demonstrating how to winterize a Coventry Victor Engine.

The second video features Gord Laco, the Canadian distributor of Epifanes. Gord shares best practices for a successful finish and how to prepare the wood for paint or varnish.

The third video features Miro Forest. Miro shared the history and a presentation on propeller propulsion.


Troubleshooting Analysis
Paul Doddington, also known as The Dippy Doctor, takes us through in depth troubleshooting of an engine system.

Coil Refurbishing
Take an in-depth look at how to adjust Coil Points on your Dispro.  The caked on coils were used on Model T4, however, the adjustments made for Dispros are not the same as the ones used on Model T4.      This video will provide you with a full demonstration on how to refurbish your coils.

Electric Starter for a D1
An in depth look at the Electric Starter for a D1.

Device Maintenance
From our 2009 Workshop, an in depth look at device maintenance.

Stern Post Replacement
An in depth look at replacing the Stern Post on your Dippy.