A Canadian legend
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The legendary Disappearing Propeller Motor Boat and its Patented “Device” were both invented in Port Carling, Ontario Canada in 1915. Powered with a 3 hp. inboard marine motor, 3100 boats were produced by four different companies over a 44 year time period. In the ensuing years, it has truly become an icon of classic small motor boats. It is fondly referred to as a Dispro or Dippy.

The Dispro Owners Association mandate is to preserve the Disappearing Propeller Motor Boat and offer fellowship and technical information to all Dispro boat owners and enthusiasts. The association was formed in 1979 and has grown to represent approximately 250 operating Dispro boats and 400 family members throughout North America.

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Members who enjoy this simple yet elegant powerboat come from all walks of life. Most of them restore, repair and maintain their own boats and enjoy the convenience of its manual retractable propeller for beaching or storage. Automatic swing up propeller protection is offered should the propeller skeg accidentally strike bottom or any submerged hazard when underway. With its propeller raised a Dispro will basically go anywhere you can paddle a canoe