How to Join

As a member of the Dispro Owner’s Association, your benefits include:

  • Having a camaraderie built around a common interest and love of Dippys
  • Subscription to the Device newsletter
  • Opportunity to share information, tips, parts, and restoration knowledge of Dippys
  • Opportunities to use the boats in organized excursions and regatta
  • Ability to learn more about dippy and antique boat history
  • Meeting and make new friends
  • Learning and enjoying the romance of Dippy life
  • The satisfaction of maintaining and preserving a vessel of historical significance

Our Members define the Association of providing the following benefits:

  • If you don’t own a Dippy, it is the best way to find one
  • If you do own a Dippy, it is the best source of information and networking
  • Parts finding
  • Camaraderie and great fun
  • Cruises and trips together
  • Hands on workshop every other year, most often with interesting activities for the ladies as well
  • Great way to see other lakes throughout Ontario, cruising with others who know the areas
  • Annual regatta weekend at a resort
  • Enjoy reliving history
  • Anyone who is interested in Dispros can join.  You do not need to own one.

To register for the Dispro Owner’s Association – please click the button below.