What Some People Do For a Giggle (32nd Regatta 2010)

Like you, I know some people who feel passionate about the strangest thing…how about growing orchids in your basement, or collecting stamps, or throwing darts, or…old wooden boats that leak and won`t start. Oh, shucks, that would be us!!! Have you ever stopped to consider how others might see this crazy passion of ours? I did just that on the Sunday of the Huntsville regatta. It was the Poker Run. Robert and I were hanging out in our dippy, in the rain, in the middle of Penninsula Lake, waiting for other dippys to find us, pass by our boat, some at ramming speed…and pick up a playing card as part of a game. At one point I began to laugh uncontrollably. When I could finally get a grip enough to answer Robert`s obvious question, “What`s so funny?”, I blurted out. “Who in their right mind would sit in a cold, wet boat in the middle of a lake on a rainy day handing out playing cards? On top of that, I actually think this is fun! In fact, it`s my favourite part of the weekend! I think I should get a life! I`m nuts!” I guess that`s what passion is all about. Any sensible human would have been somewhere else.

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How Many Dispros Will Fit? (31’st Annual Regatta, 2009)

The annual regatta of the Dispro Owners Association was held last weekend with typical understated entertainment and frovility. With 41 boats in the water and nearly 100 members in attendance, it was a weekend full of Dispro action and adventure. This was the 31st edition of the regatta and a few members in attendance had participated in every one from the beginning.

Hidden Valley Resort played host and its great beaches were filled with the Dippies tied up to shore. The most important criteria for a dispro event such as the regatta is a beach big enough to hold the boats and to take the group photo.

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Dippy Gets It’s Due

The Muskoka Sun published an article on the Dippy in 2008, which was written by Ian Dickson.

Acme School of Stuff – Dippies

A clip for the Acme School of Stuff “Acme Shorts” with David Stringer, about the unusual dippy boat.