Peter Breen – Dippies-Disappearing Propeller Boat

Peter Breen presents an outstanding history lesson regarding this fantastic boat. The boat was built to take cottage owners through the shallow waters surrounding their island cottages. Breen explains how the propeller was pulled up into the hull to miss the rocks of shallow waters. The best part of this video is Peter’s explanation of the early 20th century engine, how it was started, ran and was operated. He also explains how the engine, although crude, was widely used in the early 1900’s. Peter is excellent as a wooden boat historian and this segment proves that fact. The boat is in Peter’s shop for restoration.

Following Peter’s presentation is a segment shot at Mt. Dora, Florida showing a Disappearing Propeller Boat in action. The owner is a retired airline pilot, Bill Joslyn, who enjoys leading a small group of Dippies through the shallow waters of the Florida “jungles.